The following items may be freely downloaded:
Item Released Filename File Size
Overview 18/06/2014 sustainoverview.pdf 139KB
Scheme Operation 18/06/2014 sustainoperation.pdf 138KB
Contract 18/06/2014 sustaincontract.pdf 166KB
Donation Form 05/02/2015 sustaindonationform.pdf 128KB
Sending Net Pay Deductions 20/07/2016 sustainnetpaymonies.pdf 55KB
Employer's Pack* 21/07/2016 sustainemployerspack.pdf 379KB
* contains all the above items
Sustain Brochure 18/06/2014 sustainbrochure.pdf 800KB
Charity Bank Details 18/06/2014 sustaincharitybank.pdf 210KB
Appropriate Certificate (CHY4) 17/06/2014 revenueCHY4.pdf 240KB
Charitable Giving SUSTAIN is a scheme, exclusive to the Republic of Ireland, administered by Charitable Giving (UK Registered Charity No 1128013) The scheme enables employees to donate regularly in euros from their net pay to charities of their choice.
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