Plan Ireland

Plan Ireland is an international children's charity working to lift millions of children and their families out of poverty in 50 developing countries. We believe all children have the right to food, clean water, health, education and respect.

Your generous donations will go to life-saving projects and long-term community developments to end child poverty.

We know that it is impossible for a child to reach their potential unless their community is developing alongside them. So Plan's commitment to each community means that the health, sanitation and education programmes we establish are long-term and sustainable. Projects such as providing clean water supplies and child immunisation, which make an immediate and lasting impact to the world's poorest children.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, John Hume, is the Patron of Plan Ireland. Plan is an independent, not-for-profit organisation without political agenda or religious orientation. For more information see

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Charitable Giving SUSTAIN is a scheme, exclusive to the Republic of Ireland, administered by Charitable Giving (UK Registered Charity No 1128013) The scheme enables employees to donate regularly in euros from their net pay to charities of their choice.
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