What are its features?

  • Enables regular giving to charity via payroll deductions from net pay
  • Exclusive to the Republic of Ireland
  • Offered and administered by Charitable Giving
  • Promoted in association with fundraising organisations
  • Deductions of only €1.50 per week or €6.00 per month required
  • No limit on total amount deducted or the number of charities to which donations are made
  • Donations distributed regularly and promptly at the beginning of each month

What are the benefits?

  • Simple and sustainable way to support Irish charities
  • Charities can benefit from tax concessions on donations in excess of €250 per annum
  • Enlist support of longstanding and loyal donors
  • Regular and guaranteed monthly funding for charities
Charitable Giving SUSTAIN is a scheme, exclusive to the Republic of Ireland, administered by Charitable Giving (UK Registered Charity No 1128013) The scheme enables employees to donate regularly in euros from their net pay to charities of their choice.
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